The musical landscape is changing, with live performance becoming a more important part of forging a path as a musician.

Music Collective will have listings of the usual performance spaces (pubs, clubs, restaurants, markets, theatres, festivals)  but we want also  to encourage the growth of new opportunities for performance through house gigs, the wider use of community halls and whatever else emerges.

Below are some resources to inform and inspire.

House shows

Learn more about why house concerts are having a resurgence. The intimacy of a listening audience is very special. For musicians, they pay well. For a host, organising a show is easy, and the effort well worth it. It doesn’t cost more than a few dollars to have world class artists perform. Musicians are organising them too.

The halls are alive!

Build community, share culture, support musicians and raise funds - music in your local hall. Oh! and enjoy the music! Many hall committees, musicians and music fans are organising shows. Learn more about how it's done.

Ideas for musicians

Music Collective is musicians supporting each other. By sharing resources and ideas, you can find new places to play and other ideas to help you. Music lovers can find you for house shows, gigs, weddings, parties, functions. Share your own ideas to inspire others.

More inspiring ideas

Links to festivals, other music maps, and sites that support music making

North Coast Network

Music Collective – North Coast Network is a group of venues, halls and house concert hosts on the North Coast of NSW who have combined to create as many performance opportunities as possible. At the beginning of 2019 there were 16 of us from Kempsey to the Tweed.