Music Collective - North Coast Network ..... How it works

Music Collective – North Coast Network is a group of venues, halls and house concert hosts on the North Coast of NSW who have combined to create as many performance opportunities as possible. At the beginning of 2019 there were 16 of us from Kempsey to the Tweed. Like you, we are passionate about fostering more great live music and helping musicians make a living with their art.

Music Collective – North Coast Network  was born because a number of venues, halls and house concert hosts had musicians contact us who we would love to have perform for us but we were booked up.

We decided to coordinate our efforts by

  • sharing requests to play amongst the group via email
  • adding listings to Music Collective website
  • supporting and publicising each others events via our Facebook group
  • encouraging and supporting new venues, halls and house concert hosts to join us

Like to join the network?  Contact us

Like to apply to perform in the network?

How do the different parts of this work?

Why “Music Collective”?

Musicians have always collaborated, so it is to emphasise working together to make resources that support each other and make more great music happen.

There is power in unison.

It will not work without people like you spreading the word and adding to the directory (It’s free by the way). If you think this a good idea, and each of us to adds an entry or two …. From little things big things grow.

Music Collective  is a collection of searchable directory listing pages for everything music.

  • Please MAKE A PAGE for yourself
  • Add more listings for musicians, places to play, musical services. Before making a page that is not about you, check there is not already a listing for it in the directory.
  • Explore the resources on the website 
  • If you already have a page on Home Made Jam, I am gradually phasing that site out as it is not operating properly and needs lots of $ to fix. So make a new page on MC.
  • join the Facebook group Music Collective – North Coast Network
  • post your Facebook events to the group.
  • Look at the already  large gig guide there. It focuses on live music where people listen, not so much the big pub gigs or non attentive audiences. Facebook events are good in that you can make one and share it in lots of ways.
  • invite people to join the group

Music Collective Facebook page is  for news about the website mainly. Discussion will occur mainly in the GROUP.


  • Of course first reply to the musician.
    • If you book them for a show, also forward the request to I will forward it to the group. The artist might get an extra show at another venue in the network. Include in the email that you have booked a show so others will not book a show too close by
    • If you cannot book them,  let them know you are going to share it to Music Collective – North Coast Network.
    • Forward the request to then I will forward it to all in the group.  

Do not book a performance if there is already a performance booked close by in the network.

Evaluate if you would like the musician to perform for you and contact them directly. Do not forward it back to the group.