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Music Collective is musicians working together to create resources that help each other create a viable music career


Start by creating a MC listing page and…

    • People can find you on the map  even if they don’t already know about you. People can contact your for shows, a party, wedding or function
    • Everything is in one place – your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp,, Entertain Oz, Number One Music, CDbaby, iTunes,Spotify, Choon.. Add pictures, video and music players…
    • You control everything on your page and all your performance arrangements.
    • It’s FREE
    • It takes a few minutes to copy and paste your info and it displays beautifully
    • Take a look at a great muso’s page

While there is info regarding all the usual venues, we want to foster new opportunities for performing and help you make income in other ways as well:

  • House shows
  • Hall gigs
  • Run your own open mics and other shows
  • Derive income from a variety of other sources e.g. tuition, PA hire, recording, composing…

Sample listing page

           FAQ – listing page


wGSNZGBH_400x400Music Collective is a simple profile of you. Links to your other web pages allow people to get more. You can only embed one video in the listing. But you can have a Soundcloud player in your listing. To activate it, go to Soundcloud. Choose the song or playlist you want to include on your page and click Share. Copy the URL and paste it in the Soundcloud Player field. If you would like to include a Reverbnation player, paste the embed code (tick WordPress compatible box) into the description field. If it does not appear correctly, send us a message.

bandcamp-logo To add a bandcamp track, click “Share>embed. Copy the HTML and paste it into your description field. When published, if it does not appear correctly, send us a message.

Is there something else you would like to add, (e.g. genres to describe your music,) but don’t seem to be able to?Contact us

ReverbNation-logoIn the description field, you can create a hyperlink to your gigs page. If you would like to include  a Reverbnation show page widget, simply link to the page, or include the code  for the widget. If when your page is published you still see the code instead of the show listings, let us know and and we can make it appear on the page for you.

Another good way to publicise your gigs is to post your Facebook events to the Facebook group – Music Collective – North Coast Network

By selecting the tags “wedding” and “party band”  you will appear when people select musicians using those filters.

Check the reviews of each venue. Also, there is at least one network of venues(Music Collective – Northern NSW) that have been curated as great listening venues and all the members will get your message. 

Also post in our Facebook group:  Music Collective – North Coast Network

Create a listing page for yourself as a musician, and in “Location” put your home town or suburb and country, leaving the Listing Region as “Anywhere else”. You will appear in the list of musicians or other artist. This page will be there permanently. Then follow the instructions for “How can I use the site when I’m touring?” immediately above this.

You will be prompted once a year to confirm you still want a listing. Your page will be deleted if you do not respond. It is probably a good idea to check your page a few times a year to ensure it is in line with your needs. It can be frustrating for you to be receiving communications from hosts when you are unavailable because of other commitments. (It is a time waster for them too.)

FAQ – house shows

Many musicians are making a sizeable addition to their income doing house shows and gigs in other non-commercial spaces . Indeed there are a few who make most of their living this way.  You get to play to a relaxed audience that listens appreciatively and is willing to pay. There are more opportunities for selling CDs and building your fan base, no agent fees, no booking fees and you may get a meal and even a place to stay the night. Some hosts will organise events on weeknights or weekend afternoons, to help you fill your tour schedule.


Reach out to your fans through email and social media (including Music Collective Facebook page) asking who would like to host you at home.

As a co-operative venture, Music Collective relies on you and the music community to build this network of places to play.

Together we can

  • put on house shows for our own music and other musicians
  • encourage people who invite us to play a house show to list on MC. These hosts are completely in charge of how many shows they want to hold, and their privacy is assured, but every extra show is one more that wasn’t available before.

Local halls are usually cheap to hire. Some hall committees will waive or reduce hiring fees for community type events. Some will partner with you to run shows.

Many regular hall events start as open mics with a listening audience, then branch out to holding other music shows, doing a door deal with the musicians.

What halls find is the use of the hall increases considerably when regular shows are held. This is good for their viability, and a selling point if you would like to give this a go.

You can make money from entrance fees, food – dinner, snacks, drinks, alcohol, the use of your PA… 

A network is a group of venues in an area that will share your approach to play within the network to maximise your chance of finding one or more to perform at.

Search Hosts listings to arrange a concert with the host via MC well in advance so you have time to plan your itinerary and they have time to gather the audience. You will also get requests from potential hosts in response to your listings.

Sort out details of date, time and place. Do you require a minimum payment? Are they offering a meal, accommodation?  Do you require PA? Lights? How much space do you need? At what time would you like to arrive to set up? Is there a quiet warm up space available? Midweek concerts, afternoons on a weekend may be attractive to you. You could arrange a shorter evening mid week if need be, maybe playing just one set, and setting a smaller fee.

If you contact the host by phone, their website or Facebook, and not by using our contact form, let them know you found them on Home Made Jam. If users know our network is making connections, it will encourage them to use it and HMJ will get stronger with more choice for all.


DSC_0867cropMessage your Facebook events or other publicity material to Music Collective – Northern NSW Facebook group, and they will appear on the list of events and also on our website “What’s On” page.

As a seasoned performer, you probably know how to handle this. Ensure beforehand the money is determined, and perhaps in a written performance agreement. You may have a set minimum, or be willing to take the door collection. If accommodation is part of the deal you could consider that when deciding the minimum fee.

It is beneficial to the host to have positive reviews, helping get them more response from other artists. Reviews of hosts help you and other artists choose. If communication was prompt, if you loved the host’s venue, hospitality, the responsiveness of the audience, let theMC community know. Please read our Review Guidelines  to help keep comments constructive. Negative reviews are difficult, but honesty is important and helps hosts improve and others make decisions about them based on a wider range of information. You can just leave a star recommendation less than the maximum, writing minimal comment. Some people leave writing negative reviews some time before submitting. You owe it to other artists to let them know the good and not so good. If you have serious concerns or issues, contact the appropriate authorities. Please let us know as well.

We recommend you have public liability insurance specific for your situation which covers you for costs from legal action if you are found liable for death or injury, loss or damage of property, or economic loss resulting from your negligence. If you are concerned about this, check your policy or your insurance company. APRA has recommended insurers for performers.

Host pages may indicate “Accommodation possible.” Ask on your initial email contact. The host may or may  be able to accommodate you on the occasion. This is a wonderful gift given by the host, and many hosts will have reviews and information in their listing that helps you decide. But be safe, trust your instincts and leave if you feel uncomfortable. If you are a woman, we recommend travelling with a friend. Some people ask for photo ID which they photograph and send to a friend. This can be awkward, but most people will understand your caution. It is completely at your discretion to decide to accept an offer of accommodation.

Help build the network. The more hosts, the more you and your fellow artists can make a respectable and enjoyable addition to your income. The more artists, the more hosts are encouraged that they can find interesting artists to perform for them. Like the Facebook page, share posts, recommend us to potential new hosts, artists and services. Music Collective – Power in unison.

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