President Kennedy said “Ask not what music can do for you, but

what you can do for music.”

  You know the transformative power of great music. It can heal, soothe, inspire, delight, energise, get you moving, remind you.

Music is not only personal, but also music creates community, brings people together. But without community support, musicians would have no audience.

That is what Music Collective is: a big community of people working together to create a new music directory for the North Coast and beyond. A core group of musicians have created the platform. Now it’s YOUR TURN to do something.

What can you do? – easy peasy

Find a music event to go to

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Do a little more?

Create A Free Profile  

for your favourite musician, venue, open mic, teacher, recording studio… everything music. From little things…

Discover a musician

and invite them  to play for you at a house concert or in the local hall. If you have ever experienced a house concert, you will want to go to more. They are wonderful for musician and audience members alike.

House concerts are a growing part of Australia’s live music scene. You can arrange with many musicians to pay what is taken on the door minus costs.

Want to find out more?

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