Our local halls are amazing for live music.

Musicians are actively making this happen.

A few friends and I have been holding music events in Tintenbar Hall.

Over 7 years we have 

  • performed many times in a listening room
  • enjoyed the most amazing music from other musicians
  • supported musicians make money
  • made several hundred thousand dollars from ticket and food sales.
  • more than doubled the other hall bookings
  • brought the community together

Why not bring some music to your local hall?


  • Approach the local hall committee with a proposal to organise regular events with the support of the hall committee e.g. at reduced hire, using hall insurance, and having hall volunteers help with door, set up, refreshments etc
  • Do a door deal with artists so everyone is working together
  • Hold open mics 
  • Please let us know so we can support and promote your activities.
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