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A listing is a page in a directory with as much detail as the creator chooses.

It is an advertisement for the musician, place or music service

At a minimum it will have a title, location, category, and contact details. In addition it can include images, video, links to social media and websites and lots more.

To keep privacy for some listings – e.g. house concerts are by invitation only / musicians want their address kept private – the creators of the listing put in an approximate address.

A network is a group of venues – homes, halls, listening rooms working together to promote live music by 

  • cross promoting shows
  • sharing requests to play that cannot be met by one venue to others in the network

Have a look at one:  “Music Collective – North Coast Network

On the listing page, click “Report / Claim” and let us know why you want to claim the listing page so you can edit it. We will evaluate your claim and assign it to you.

Report a listing if details are inaccurate or of concern. We will ask the owners to update it. alternatively you could send them a message via their contact form, or write a review.

Claim a listing if it is your business etc and someone else has made it for you. Give details of your ownership. we will assess and assign it to you.

We encourage users to make unofficial pages for great venues or musicians etc. they love that are not listed. This would be an unofficial page. If you make a page for yourself as a musician, venue etc then that is the official page. You can claim an unofficial page by clicking on “Report / Claim listing” and submitting a claim that this i your page. We will reassign it to you to edit how you like.

For your Youtube video to appear, the URL you paste into the “Video URL” field must include “watch?” e.g.

To get the proper URL, play the video and copy the address from the browser address bar.

If you right click to get the video URL,  it will not include “watch?”

For Vimeo, copy the URL from the address bar.

Include the code for the player in “other music player”, and message us to add it to your page.

Not at this stage. Best way to handle that: Write “EVENTS” in your description and hyperlink it to your events page.

If you get this error message, please 

  • try pressing “Send” again
  • try again later or other contact method
  • try refreshing the page and submitting the message again.

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